One of the newest marinas in Turkey, Viaport Marina launched a campaign that will appeal to the boat owners. At the campaign to be held every weekend from the second week of November till the end of the year under the name “Free Weekend”, the boat owners will enjoy free accommodation with their boats at Viaport Marina.

Viaport Marina, the world’s first and only 5-function marina, has become a popular destination for the sea-lovers since the day it was opened. Aiming at standing out thanks to the services it offers and the quality concept, Viaport Marina attract attention with some other facilities. Boat owners will be offered free accommodation at sea during the weekends until the New Year with the campaign “Free Weekend” launched within the Viaport Marina. Thanks to the campaign that will be available upon booking, boat owners will enjoy the service and comfort of Viaport Marina while they experience a marina life in touch with the social life as they enjoy the units such as outlet shopping, theme park, aquarium, cinema and bowling without leaving Istanbul. Viaport Marina, which is also the holder of the Golden Anchor awarded by Deniz News Agency in recent months, is situated within an entertainment complex which offers a theme park, aquarium, outlet shopping centre and Via Entertainment. Viaport Marina, a matchless one thanks to its functions and location, continues to welcome the sea-lovers with the campaigns it holds.


Mentioned that they continue serving the sector with the campaigns they organise every now and then, Sinan Arslan, Viaport Marina Manager, said, “Viaport Marina is not simply an ordinary marina, this one is the world’s first and only 5-function marina.. we are not only beyond the world standards in terms of functionality but also excel in marina operations and service quality. We believe in the service we provide. So, we offer free mooring at the weekends, regardless of the size of the boats. Our goal is to introduce the sea-lovers to the quality of our marina awarded with Golden Anchor. Because they deserve it.” Reminding that the campaign requires a booking, Mr. Aslan expressed that boats will only pay the power and water they will use as long as they are berthed.


Beginning to deliver services In May 2015, as the world's first and only 5-functional marina in Tuzla, Viaport Marina is still the newest marina in Turkey. Capable of delivering mooring services to mega yachts up to 60 meters, with its capacity of holding 750 yachts, Viaport Marina has become one of the major actors in the sector thanks to the boat shows it organizes and its contribution to sea sports.

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